Infrastructure Development 2020-21

Roads & Bridges

  • Dualization  of Sargodha Mianwali  Road (Phase-I) 
  • Punjab Arterial  Roads Improvement Programme   
  • Priority  Roads Program                                                
  • Dualization  of Dina - Mangla  Road.                           
  • Construction of Flyover at Nadirabad Phatak to Industrial  Estate ,  Multan         
  • Rehabilitation I  Improvement  of Adyala Road from Gorakhpur to Jarrar Camp More,  Rawalpindi
  • Dualization  of Road From Layyah to Chowk Azam Distric Layyah
  • Dualization  I  Widening  I  Improvement of Road from Garh Maharaja to Ghailpur,  District Jhang              
  • Improvement I  Rehabilitation  of Rawalpindi  - Murree - Kashmir (RMK) Road,  Rawalpindi          
  • Widening  I   Improvement I   Rehabilitation   of Road from Kot Momin  to Salam  Interchange, Sargodha               
  • Dualization   of  road  from  Khurrarianwala    to  Sahianwala  Interchange, District  Faisalabad
  • Dualization  of Metalled Road from Sher Shah Bypass to M-4  Motorway, District  Multan
  • Dualization  of Sialkot  Pasrur Road,  District Sialkot  
  • Widening Improvement of Road from  Lodhran to Jalalpur   -  Pirwala connecting KLM, District  Lodhran
  • Construction  of Link Road from GT Road to Sialkot  - Lahore Motorway, Gujranwala


  • Renewable   Energy   Development   Sector   Investment   Programme (REDSIP)
  • Retrofitting of Public Institutes as a part of Green Development Programme               World    Bank funded Punjab
  • Punjab Ujaala Program (Central Punjab)
  • Solarization of Basic Heath Units (Phase-II)                                                                 
  • Solarization of Basic Health Units (Phase-I)                                                  
  • Punjab Ujala Program (South Punjab)                                                                           
  • Energy Efficiency & Conservation Programme
  • Installation of 2.5   MW Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant at lslamia University Bahawalpur       


  • Construction of Jalalpur Irrigation  Project and its System 
  • Disaster  & Climate Resilience  Improvement Project (DCRIP)  
  • Rehabilitation and Up-gradation of Trimmu Barrage,  Punjnad Head Works Sulemanki
  • Construction of Dadhocha Dam
  • Rehabilitation of Eastern Sadiqia  Canal for Restoring its  Design  Capacity in  Reach RD 0-195
  • Pakpattan canal and Sulemanki Barrage Improvement  Project (PCSBIP)
  • Remodeling of SMB Link Canal and Enhancing Capacity of Mailsi Syphon
  • Rehabilitation and Modernization of Islam  Barrage    


Urban Developments & Transport

  • Construction    of   Eastern   Wastewater   Treatment   Plant    45   MGD  of  Faisalabad  City Phase-I  (DANIDA Assisted)
  • Extension of Water Resources Faisalabad  City Phase II  (French Funded)
  • Lahore Water and Waste Water  Management  Project  -  Construction  of Surface Water Treatment Plant at BRBD Canal Lahore
  • Sewerage System from Larechs Colony to Gulshan-e-Ravi,    Lahore
  • Naya Pakistan Housing   Programme
  • Construction  of Under Passes at Kashmir Bridge along Canal Faisalabad
  • Replacement  of Outlived Sewer in  Multan (Phase-II)  
  • Storm Water Drainage System from Haji Camp to River Ravi via Laxmi Chowk, Mcleod  Road, Nabha Road, Chauburji and Sham Nagar, Lahore
  • Augmentation of Water Supply of Rawalpindi based Chahan Dam Source
  • particularly New Areas added in WASA's Jurisdiction, Rawalpindi