P&D Department Organized an Awareness Session About Preventive Measures Taken to Avert the Spread of Coronavirus

Friday, March 13, 2020

Planning & Development Board has arranged an awareness session on the preventive measures against coronavirus with the collaboration of Health Department, Government of the Punjab. The recent incidents of people getting effected by coronavirus around the globe and in Pakistan are increasing, the department has taken all the mandatory steps to sensitize its workers about the virus.

Dr. Sohail Saqlain from Health Department conducted the awareness session at P&D, Complex. In the session, he discussed all important preventative measures, from washing the hands after an hour to wearing masks in public and maintaining social distance of three feet from anyone. In the sesssion, Dr. Sohail appreciated the efforts of P&D department in evoking health awareness among its employees.

The department has also taken all the necessary measures at P&D complex. Informative leaflets and standees have been placed in lobbies and important spaces in the department. All the imperative measures have also been taken to ensure cleanliness and hygiene in the department. On the instructions of the authority, sanitizer liquids have been placed in every meeting room, washrooms and other important places of the department. All the officials and staff members of P&D department attended the session.