Production Sector


  • Punjab Irrigated Agriculture Productivity Improvement Project (PIPIP) World Bank assisted.  (PKR. 41,738 million)
  • Optimizing watercourse conveyance efficiency through enhancing lining length. (PKR. 6,830 million)
  • Establishment of Punjab Agriculture, Food and Drug Authority (PAFDA) Science Enclave Main Building Premises, Lahore (PKR. 6,322 million)
  • Extension Service 2.0 farmer facilitation through modernized extension. (PKR. 4,105 million)
  • Establishment of Sports Complex Town Ship, Lahore (LDP). (PKR. 714 million)
  • Promotion of high value agriculture through provision of climate smart technology package (PKR. 3,475 million)

Industries, Commerce & Investment

  • Land Acquisition for Development of PSEZ (Allama Iqbal Industrial Estate) M-3, Faisalabad, (on Cost Sharing Basis FIEDMC = Rs.2.3 billion+ GOP=Rs.4.00Billion)
  • Cluster Development Initiative (J&CP4R)  (PKR. 588 million)
  • Skill Training Programme of Youth through VTIs of PVTC  (PKR. 550 million)
  • Skill Training Programme of Youth through TEVTA  (PKR. 550 million)
  • Punjab Skill Development Project (PKR. 433 million)
  • Progressing Punjab by Entrepreneurial Development of SMEs (PKR. 6,000 million)
  • Developing SME Sector through Loan markup support program  (PKR. 3,000 million)
  • Credit Guarantee Scheme for Development and Promotion of SMEs in Punjab  (PKR. 2,500 million)