Production Sector 2022-23


  • Rural enterprises in agriculture development (READ).
  • Rehabilitation of old bulldozers for sustainable land development work to ensure food security.
  • Transforming the Indus Basin with climate resilient agriculture and climate-smart water management.
  • Agriculture Transformation Plan.
  • Command Area Development of Greater Thal Canal Project.

Industries, Commerce & Investment

  • Establishment of Surgical City at Sialkot.
  • Establishment of New Small Industrial Estate Gujrat.
  • Competitive Grant / Loan for Industrial Estates Development.
  • Punjab University of Technology, Rasul, M. B. Din.
  • Punjab Rozgar.
  • Pilot/Demonstration Resource Efficiency & Cleaner Production Investments in key Industrial sectors.
  • Chief Minister’s Self Employment scheme through PSIC.
  • Establishment/ up-gradation of TEVTA Institutions.
  • Leather City Kasur.
  • Punjab Rozgar.
  • Small Industrial Estate Sargodha.
  • New Small Industrial Estate in Gujrat. 

Mine & Minerals

  • Digitized Royalty Monitoring of Minerals.
  • Strengthening of Directorate General Mines & Minerals.
  • Industrial Linkages & Gender Mainstreaming.
  • Construction of Office Building for Chief Inspectorate of Mines .
  • Establishment of mines sample testing laboratory.