The Planning and Development Board is the main development forum in the province. The board is headed by a Chairman. The Secretary P&D is the Administrative Head.
Members of board are as follows:

Muhammad Abdullah Khan Sumbal Mujahid Sherdil
Chairman Secretary
  Iftkhar Ali Shami
Chief Economist Member (Private Sector Development)
Waqar Azim Sadaqat Hussain Khan
Member (Production Sector Wing) Member (Energy)
Khalid Sultan Muhammad Masood Anwar
Member (Health & Nutrition) Member (Social General, IT Services)
Dr. Muhammad Abid Bodla Dr. Muhammad Abid Bodla
Member (Environment & Climate Change) Member (Water)
Khalid Sultan Muhammad Shafiq Ahmad
Member (Education) Member (Social Infrastructure)
Dr. Muhammad Abid Bodla  
Member (Infrastructure Development)  
The members are assisted by senior chiefs/chiefs of sections. Each Senior chief/ chief of section deals with one or more sectors of the provincial economy i.e. Agriculture, Forestry, Livestock, YASAT (Youth Affairs, Sports, Archaeology, Toursm), Industries, Irrigation, Roads, Water Supplies, Environmental Planning, Government Buildings, Education, Information Technology, Information & Culture, Health, Social Welfare, Labour and Human Resources, Regional Planning and Population Welfare. The chiefs of sections are either engineers, economists or generalists depending upon the sector. The senior chiefs/chiefs of sections are assisted by assistant chiefs and planning officers.