Our Message

Punjab needs to grow at 8% per annum to provide jobs to nearly 1 Million people entering the workforce every year. This growth target is similar to that proposed in the Government of Pakistan’s Vision 2025 which sets doubling of current GDP as the target.

For sustained improvement in living standards, growth has to be private sector-led, employment intensive and export intensive, regionally balanced and environmentally sound. The strategy for growth, furthermore, has to address the health and education outcomes that lower living standards of the poor. Punjab’s growth strategy also has to provide, in tandem with initiatives of the Federal Government, an adequate safety net for the bottom quintile of the population.

A doubling of GDP growth will require substantial increase in investment in physical and social infrastructure, in downstream agriculture, manufacturing and services activity. A private sector-led growth strategy will ensure that the public sector investment program is designed to leverage public-private partnerships in the provision of infrastructure that “crowds in” private investment in downstream production activity.

The Planning & Development Department remains committed to a development strategy that fulfills the needs and aspirations of the people.