Infrastructure Development

Roads & Bridges

  • Rural Accessibility Programme (RAP) Punjab (PKR. 12,500 Million)
  • Umbrella programme for uplift and connectivity of roads in Punjab (PKR. 1,000 Million)
  • Punjab Arterial Roads Improvement Programme (PKR. 500 Million)
  • Improvement/rehabilitation of Rawalpindi - Murree - Kashmir (RMK) Road KM 66-104, (length 38 KM) (PKR. 500 Million)
  • Rehabilitation of metalled road from Zain to Bharthi including Pile Foundation Bridge over Nullah Sanghar, (length:16 KM) District D.G.Khan (PKR. 431 Million)
  • Dualization of Mianwali Sargodha Road (PKR. 1,000 Million)
  • Widening/improvement of road from Lodhran to Jalalpur - Pirwala connecting KLM via Bahadurpur, (length 39.80 KM) District Lodhran (PKR. 287 Million)
  • Dualization of Lodhran Kehror Pacca, Malsi Vehari, District Loadhran (lenght:30KM) (PPP Mode) (PKR. 4 Million)
  • Dualization of Multan Vehari Road (PKR. 100 Million)


  • Renewable Energy Development Sector Investment Programme (REDSIP) (PKR. 1,819 Million)
  • Khadim-e-Punjab Ujala Program (Southern Punjab) (PKR. 609 Million)
  • Retrofitting of public institutes as a part of World Bank Funded Punjab Green Development Programme (PKR. 500 Million)
  • Punjab Ujaala Program (Central Punjab)  (PKR. 466 Million)
  • Solarization of basic health units (Phase-I)  (PKR. 430 Million)
  • Energy Efficiency and Conservation Programme (PKR. 417 Million)
  • Establishment of Mini Hydro Power Sites (PKR. 317 Million)
  • Solar solution for households in off-grid areas of Southern Punjab (PKR. 300 Million)
  • Design and construction of Net Zero Energy Building (ACEIP, DLI-8) (PKR. 131 Million)


  • Rehabilitation and up gradation of Trimmu Barrage, Punjnad Head Works Sulemanki (PKR. 3,550 Million)
  • Disaster & Climate Resilience Improvement Project (DCRIP)  (PKR. 3,242 Million)
  • Construction of Dadhocha Dam (PKR. 2,500 Million)
  • Construction of Jalalpur Irrigation Project and its system (PKR. 2,200 Million)
  • Channelization of Deg Nullah (Land Acquisition Punjab Component) (PKR. 950 Million)
  • Remodeling of SMB Link canal and enhancing capacity of mailsy syphon (PKR. 537 Million)
  • Extension and rehabilitation of Qutab drain (PKR. 500 Million)
  • Emergent works/measures against the erosive action of river flows to protect flood/irrigation infrastructure (PKR. 400 Million)


Urban Developments & Transport

  • Land acquisition for construction of Rawalpindi Ring Road. (PKR. 4,000 Million)
  • Extension of water resource Faisalabad for city Phase-II (PKR. 2,619 Million)
  • Land acquisition for Naya Pakistan Housing Project Mohlanwal, Lahore (128 acres). (PKR. 200 Million)
  • Augmentation of water supply of Rawalpindi based Chahan Dam Source particularly new areas added in WASA's jurisdiction, Rawalpindi. (PKR. 400 Million)