Thursday, September 22, 2022

A first review meeting on Punjab Government’s Annual Development Portfolio 2022-23, chaired by the Chairman P&D Board Mr Abdullah Khan Sumbal, was held at Planning and Development Complex, Lahore. The meeting was in light of reviewing Punjab Development profile & status of ADP 2022-23 in perspective of allocated budget, releases, and its utilization.

Secretary P&D Board, Mr Sohail Anwar briefed the chair about the current portfolio status. Releases of schemes in Punjab were also briefed to the Chair, in which approval of new schemes and progress of on-going schemes were discussed. The Chair was also informed that, against 4,992 schemes, 4377 schemes have been approved and 45 billion has utilized against the allocated budget. Chairman P&D Board directed that to ensure fast track implementation of ADP 2022-23, the guidelines and timelines should be followed in letter and spirit. For this purpose, a proactive approach is required to kick start implementation of the ADP with a robust monitoring mechanism at all levels.

For implementation of above-said guidelines, robust quality control mechanisms to be put in place by Administrative Departments to ensure quality work as per the vision of Chief Minister Punjab. Chairman P&D Board said that the government will be focusing on streamlining the procedures to fast track the implementation. He also directed to accelerate the pace of  utilization of funds and the Finance Department to ensure immediate placement of released funds at the spending level after removing all impediments. The chair also directed the departments to prepare a monthly utilization plan for the second quarter of the CFY and forward it to the P & D Board. The Members P&D Board were also given direction to monitor utilization plans fortnightly to achieve the goals. The meeting was attended by Secretaries, senior officials of the concerned departments.