Production Sector



  • Punjab Irrigated Agriculture Productivity Improvement Project (PIPIP) World Bank assisted (PKR. 4,132 Million)
  • National program for improvement of watercourses in Pakistan Phase-II  (PKR. 1,651 Million)
  • National program for enhancing profitability through increasing productivity of wheat (PKR. 1,378 Million)
  • Horizontal land development in South Punjab (PKR. 800 Million)
  • Promotion of high value agriculture through solarization of drip and sprinkler irrigation systems (PKR. 600 Million)
  • Extension service-2 for farmer facilitation through modernized extension (PKR. 500 Million)
  • Establishment of model farms linked with improved supply chain and value addition (PKR. 321 Million)
  • Developing Pothwar into an olive valley (PKR. 233 Million)
  • National program for enhancing command area of small and mini dams in barani areas of pakistan (PKR. 127 Million)

Industries, Commerce & Investment

  • Punjab Skill Development Programme (PKR. 1,528 Million)
  • Hunarmand Nojawan (TEVTA) (PKR. 1,500 Million)
  • Master planning of establishment of 3 technical universities in Punjab i.e. PTUT, Lahore/Rasul, M.B.Din and D.G. Khan (PKR. 300 Million)
  • Progressing Punjab by Entrepreneurial Development of SMEs (PPED) (PKR. 300 Million)
  • Developing SME sector through Loan Markup Support Program (LMSP) (PKR. 250 Million)